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Win Clients During Market Volatility: Webinar Recap

Executive Summary

Market volatility can be a major challenge for financial advisor firms, as it can lead to uncertainty and anxiety among clients, and can also make it difficult for advisors to achieve their growth goals. The webinar titled “Best Practices to Engage with Clients during Market Volatility” aims to provide advisors with the tools and strategies they need to effectively communicate with clients and navigate volatile markets, while also exploring ways that they can use market volatility to grow their firms.

The first part of the webinar addresses key questions such as how to interact with clients, what resources to provide to help clients understand and manage market fluctuations, and how to set realistic expectations for clients during volatile markets. Additionally, it covers how to use technology to facilitate communication and engagement with clients during volatile markets and how to address clients’ concerns and manage their emotions during times of market turmoil.

The second part of the webinar focuses on providing examples of how successful navigation of market volatility with clients can be achieved. It covers strategies for ensuring that clients’ portfolios are aligned with their risk tolerance and financial goals. This section aims to provide financial advisors with practical examples and case studies to help them navigate market volatility with their clients.

The third part of the webinar covers ways to grow during market volatility. This section addresses questions such as what strategies to use to attract new clients during volatile markets, how to use market volatility as an opportunity to engage with current clients and potentially bring in new business, and how to stay up-to-date on market trends and changes in order to better serve clients and grow the business. Additionally, it covers the use of Nitrogen to create an effective advisor workflow and communicate with clients.

In conclusion, the webinar provides financial advisors with the tools and strategies they need to effectively communicate with clients, align their portfolios with their clients’ risk tolerance and goals, and use market volatility as an opportunity to grow their business. By the end of the webinar, advisors will be equipped with the knowledge and resources to navigate volatile markets and achieve their growth goals.

Meet the Speakers

Bill Simonet, CFP®, AIF®, CEPA

Bill Simonet, CFP® is a Certified Financial Planner and Principal Advisor at Simonet Wealth Management with almost 10 years of experience. He is dedicated to helping individuals, businesses, and families achieve their financial goals and holds the prestigious CFP® certification. A graduate of Everglades University, Bill is committed to fiduciary duty and has a strong reputation for honesty and integrity. He is also a decorated veteran and active in his community.

Chris Quandt:

Chris Quandt is a Success Engagement Manager at Nitrogen. Over the last 7 years he has served on both the Marketing and Advisor Success team. Chris delights in helping advisors understand how Nitrogen can help as a growth platform and business development tool. Given the choice between Reese’s Pieces or M&Ms. Reese’s Pieces every time.


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How Do You Communicate With Clients Regarding Market Volatility?

Learn how Bill communicates with clients during a downturn in the market. He recommends using the Nitrogen Check-In tool and reaching out to clients who may be feeling nervous or uncertain about the market. He suggests being proactive in retaining clients by regularly checking in with them and reviewing their portfolio relative to their long-term goals.


How Can You Leverage Market Volatility to Fuel Firm Growth?

Bill Simonet discusses using volatility as an opportunity for growth and presents strategies for attracting new clients during volatile markets. He mentions the availability of cash and the opportunity for growth depending on the time period and investments and covers the example of the COVID market crash to illustrate the potential for growth for those who were able to invest during that time.<script>

How Can You Leverage Market Volatility to Fuel Firm Growth?

Bill demonstrates how he ensures his clients’ portfolios align with their risk tolerance and financial goals using Riskalize. He uses the statistics and scenarios sections within Nitrogen to break down and analyze the portfolio during different time periods, including market crashes like the one in 2008. He also uses the tool to show prospective clients how their portfolio compares to the market and their cash flow.<script>

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