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A Letter from Aaron Klein

Dear Customers,

I want you to be the first to hear the news: today, I’m thrilled to announce that growth, risk and compliance software veteran Dan Zitting will succeed me as CEO of our company.

It wasn’t easy to make this decision, but I wanted to share a few thoughts on this momentous day.

As you know, I helped to co-found Riskalyze back in 2011, and have now run this company for 50 quarters. It took us about 8 quarters to bring our product to market. So since then, I’ve had the great fortune to work with an amazing team to deliver 42 consecutive quarters of growth for our shareholders, employees, and customers.

But that also means that, for each of the last 42 quarters, I’ve been running the largest company I’ve ever run in my career.

After a lot of reflection, I came to the decision that it was time for a scaler — somebody who had seen the movie before, and grew a company to billion-dollar scale and beyond. As we finished the work of renewing our leadership team, repositioning our product offering, and rebranding the company, I got very excited about the potential of bringing that skill set aboard to help us accelerate our ability to serve you over the next decade.

Dan will be an incredible CEO for Nitrogen. Like myself, he has been a product-focused founder, and built his company WorkPapers.com before being acquired by Galvanize. He then worked with their CEO Laurie Schultz (our Board Chair!) to build Galvanize into a billion-dollar company and succeed her as CEO. Throughout that incredible journey, he was a massive champion of the voice of the customer and that is something else we have in common.

He’s also just a great people person. Whenever you see someone who has left a trail of great friendships in their wake, you know that’s a great human being, and someone who will be a steadfast guardian of the unique company and culture of innovation and service that we’ve built together.

As for me, I’m not going far. I’ll continue to carry the title of Co-Founder at Nitrogen. I’ll continue to serve on our Board of Directors. I’ll continue being the largest individual shareholder in this company. And I’m still going to be wearing the purple jersey — I’ll speak at Fearless 2024 in Nashville, work with customers where helpful, and help to shape our vision and strategy.

I don’t have any immediate plans to take on a different job or start a new company. When one has been running a marathon for twelve and a half years, the last question when you reach the finish line is “where is the next marathon?” That time will come, but for now, with three kids in high school and a wife entering a master’s program, I’m going to take some time and pour into them. They certainly deserve it after pouring into me for so long.

So that’s the news. Dan starts as our new CEO on December 4. Until then, I’m still in the job, and after that, I’m around and available to help wherever I’m needed. I’m keeping my Nitrogen email address, so I’ll be easy to find — [email protected].

Serving as CEO of this company has been the great honor of my career. I’ve developed so many friendships with the tens of thousands of advisors we are so privileged to serve, and I look forward to continuing those over our next decade together.



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Frequently Asked Questions
Who is the new CEO of Nitrogen?

Dan Zitting has been appointed as the new CEO of Nitrogen. Dan is a seasoned SaaS veteran with a strong background in growth, risk, and compliance software with a history of leadership roles in various SaaS businesses, including his role as CEO of Galvanize and President & COO of MikMak.