Trading Dashboard

Trading Dashboard

The trading dashboard surfaces all of your decision points in an easy, convenient inbox. With our One-Click Fiduciary™ technology, you can easily approve or snooze trades across your entire book of business.

Trade and rebalance client accounts with ease

The Trading Dashboard is armed with a powerful set of filters that allow you to quickly find the accounts and trades you need with just a few clicks. Once filtered by trade reason, custodian, or specific advisor, you can dive into the specifics of each trade to make sure you are in the know.

Clicking on an account will show you the various trade reasons, as well as Risk Number® drift, estimated capital gains or losses, and even the individual buys and sells triggered by that event.

Meet One-Click Fiduciary technology

Nitrogen Trading scans all of your client accounts looking for things like Risk Number drift, model allocation changes, cash distributions, and tax loss harvesting opportunities. Regardless of trade reason, every client trade will be displayed in your inbox — ready for you to take action on.

And working your way through this inbox of trades is a breeze; whether you’re approving trades today or snoozing to review at a later time, there’s no faster way to work through client accounts and keep everything on track.

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