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We believe that financial advisors are the irreplaceable heart and soul of fearless investing. That’s why our platform is purpose-built to spotlight your brand. Read on to discover how we’re committed to helping you amplify your firm’s brand while empowering your clients to invest fearlessly.

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The power of the Risk Number

How do you quickly and effectively communicate something as crucial yet complex as risk? Enter the Risk Number. Far from being just another financial metric, the Risk Number serves as a universal language that bridges the gap between you and your clients. Nitrogen is built on the Risk Number, and its flexibility allows you to integrate it into various aspects of your practice. Use it during client onboarding to assess risk tolerance, in portfolio construction to align investments, and in client reviews to validate or pivot strategies.

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Designed with your clients in mind

The Risk Number was created for your client conversations. It’s iconic and instantly recognizable with its speed limit sign inspiration. You’ll notice there is no Nitrogen logo on it because we believe that this tool should be an extension of your brand, not ours.

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Nitrogen’s style guide

This is your home base for downloading the graphic assets you need to represent the Nitrogen brand.


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Tailored assets for an enhanced client experience

If your firm is going to bring in new clients, satisfy and retain existing ones, and turn them all into referral champions for your business, you need a strong brand that is bigger than any of your technology. We love some of the following examples of the Risk Number in action.