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Diversification isn’t as simple as owning a few different asset classes.  True diversification comes from the incorporation of non-correlated strategies… not simply different asset classes.  Core models are built on a new paradigm incorporating an innovative investment style matrix.  It includes Strategic, Tactical, and Alterative sleeves, which can also utilize, quantitative, technical, or fundamental approaches. To learn more about our approach, including the depth of analysis and which statistics really matter (this may surprise you!) click here.

At Dynamic Wealth Group (DWG) we specialize in building robust portfolios utilizing our multi-dimensional asset allocation framework.  Comprised of former financial advisors, our investment team builds models that clients can feel good about owning.  

Our models are built on the following core philosophies:

  1. Preparation over prediction – we don’t attempt to predict the future, but rather build portfolios that can thrive in various market environments.
  2. True diversification – diversification isn’t just mixing traditional assets at various levels.  It’s about understanding the different drivers of return in your portfolio and ensuring those are not concentrated in the same risks.  **See the Stats page of our models to see how much risk was diversified away**
  3. Non-correlation – the secret ingredient. The salty compliment to the sweet – without non-correlation, you cannot have true diversification.  

Using the Multi-Dimensional Asset Allocation models, clients will gain access to strategic, tactical, and alternative strategies all working alongside each other to target a more comfortable ride for clients, striving for lower drawdowns and competitive upside returns.

For more information about DWG, our process or to learn more about either our Outsourced Chief Investment Officer service or Mutual Fund (DYMIX), please check out our website www.dynamicwg.com or reach out to us directly [email protected]

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