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If you have Nitrogen, you have the Partner Store, your one-stop collection of world-class models available right in your Nitrogen account. Tap into Swan’s models, drop them right into your account, and make them your own with just a few clicks.

Featured in the Award Winning Partner Store

Nitrogen’s Partner Store gives thousands of firms access to the industry’s best strategies and research, and it was named “Best Model Marketplace” at WealthManagement.com’s annual industry awards event.

Get Alerts When Strategies are Updated

Whenever Swan updates their models, you get real-time alerts. You can accept those changes, ignore them, or edit them to your heart’s content, and push those updates across your client accounts instantly.

Rebrand Models and Make Them Your Own

Model subscriptions are designed to let your brand shine. Whether you’re directly following Swan strategies or you’ve customized them entirely, you can rename any model in Nitrogen to reflect your business.

Swan Research Model Portfolios

Swan Global Investments is dedicated to offering advisors differentiated risk-managed solutions. As a leader in hedged equity and options-based strategies since 1997, we offer investment solutions that address a range of investment objectives and risk tolerance levels, including mutual funds, ETFs, separately managed accounts, and custom overlays for portfolios or concentrated positions.

Global Hedged Equity Models

Diversified. Differentiated. Risk-Managed. Our time-tested ‘Always Invested, Always Hedged’ approach distinctly blends passive multi-asset equity index investing with active risk management to pursue capital appreciation while always mitigating market risk.

For more information, please visit swanglobalinvestments.com/advisor or call 970-382-8901.


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