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Vident Research Model Portfolios

Applying timeless principles to rules-based investment solutions – We help center your investments around sound financial principles while limiting emotional and behavioral bias. Principles–Based Investing is an investment decision–making framework that combines timeless wisdom, sound knowledge of economies and investments, rigorous global research, and an in-depth evaluation of risk dynamics. This framework is the underlying philosophy which guides decisions and the foundation of our investment process. Vident Financial was founded in 2014 and grew from a Principles-Based philosophy. We implement that Principles-Based philosophy in the construction, management and research of our solutions.

Vident is proud to offer the following ETF’s as part of the Nitrogen Trading NPF (no platform fee) list of funds.

Fund Symbol
Vident Core International Equity ETF VIDI
Vident Core U.S. Equity Fund VUSE
Vident Core U.S. Bond Strategy VBND
FLAG-Forensic Accounting Long-Short ETF FLAG
PPTY -U.S. Diversified Real Estate ETF PPTY

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The Vident Core International Equity IndexTM (Bloomberg Symbol: VIEQX) is a strategy seeking to balance risk across developed and emerging countries and emphasize those with favorable conditions for growth. The Vident Core US Equity IndexTM (Bloomberg Symbol: VCUSX) is a strategy which seeks to apply principles-based reasoning, expressed through innovative risk design to address the risks and opportunities of US equity investing. It is not possible to invest directly in an index. The Vident Core US Bond IndexTM (Bloomberg Symbol: VUBDX) is a strategy which seeks to utilize time-tested principles to improve corporate bond exposures by screening for companies with strong leadership, governance and creditworthiness factors. Yield-to-Maturity is the present value of a bond’s future coupon payments. Yield-to-Worst is the lowest potential yield that can be received on a bond without the issuer actually defaulting. Effective Duration is a duration calculation for bonds that includes embedded options, such as expected cash flows fluctuating as interest rates change. You cannot invest directly in an Index.

Duration is the number of years from the purchase date required to recover the true cost of a bond, this value is a way to compare bonds with different issue and maturity dates, coupon rates and yields to maturity.