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Nitrogen Releases Major Platform Enhancements, New Product Plan Purpose – Built to Help Firms Accelerate Organic Growth

Nitrogen Ignite delivers tools for increasing firm-wide lead conversion, client satisfaction and compliance management

AUBURN, CA – JUNE 6, 2023 Nitrogen, the company that is revolutionizing how financial advisors and wealth management firms grow their firms, today announced major platform enhancements and a new product plan — Nitrogen Ignite – designed specifically to help firms with two to 10 advisors acquire clients, improve client satisfaction and increase retention rates across all advisors in the firm. New platform capabilities available in both Nitrogen Ignite and Nitrogen Ultimate include executive dashboards for book-wide assets under management (AUM) metrics, advisor performance, risk controls and compliance analytics.

Nitrogen Ignite, designed for growing wealth management firms, builds upon the features of Nitrogen’s flagship toolset for individual advisors -Nitrogen Elite– and introduces a suite of firmwide capabilities.

These include:

  • AUM Insights: An executive dashboard that provides a comprehensive view of a wealth management firm’s growth and risk. It offers a range of metrics, such as book-level Risk Number (client risk tolerance), GPA, Tax Drag, recent growth trends, and deeper data insights, making it an essential tool for growth-focused firm leaders.
  • Advisor Insights: A measurement tool to compare and assess the success of advisors based on multiple criteria, including portfolio construction tendencies, risk alignment across clients, and aggregate client sentiment. This tool empowers managers to effectively evaluate and enhance advisor performance.
  • Compliance Analytics: Nitrogen’s suite of compliance analytics ensures ongoing risk alignment of each account and household to documented investment objectives. With this feature, firms of all sizes can maintain good regulatory standing efficiently and effectively.
  • Proposals Dashboard: A centralized platform for monitoring the alignment of Risk Number Targets and proposals across all advisors in a firm, including form CRS tracking when applicable.
  • Risk Controls: This new firmwide capability enables the setting of market assumptions, risk ranges, and allowable risk drift across every advisor, portfolio, and account.
  • Data Sharing: A feature that facilitates the seamless sharing of clients, models, and portfolios across advisors within the firm.
  • Team Branding: A benefit that allows the firm’s brand to take precedence over individual advisor names on client-facing materials, making it ideal for team service models.

Each of these features is built upon a firmwide data flow, enabling firms to establish one account integration that powers all book-of-business analytics and auto-populates portfolio data for each advisor.

For larger wealth management firms seeking the ultimate growth platform, Nitrogen Ultimate adds configurability options for modern wealth management businesses, including:

  • Multi-Office Support: Firms can drill into Insights and Compliance solutions specific to each office, while also assessing the overall growth and risk of the entire business.
  • Custom Market Assumptions: Collaborate with Nitrogen’s research team to incorporate their own risk lens into the Risk Number and other analytics, ensuring a tailored approach.
  • Enterprise Integrations: Firms are able to connect multiple offices to the same instance of an asset platform and more, facilitating efficient collaboration and scalability.
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager: Access to personalized support that drives success across the entire business.

“A major factor in growing a wealth management firm, just as in many other forms of business, is the scalability of sales, marketing and customer service processes. Firms need to take the successful activities of the best advisors in the firm and help everyone deliver the same winning client experience,” said Justin Boatman, Chief Product Officer at Nitrogen. “With our latest set of platform enhancements, we are giving firms tools designed to make implementing this strategy much easier. Now, as a firm leader, you can quickly visualize your AUM growth, effortlessly view your compliance posture, easily understand the client engagement activities of your best advisors and above all, give your advisors a standardized, risk tolerance-aligned process for delivering winning proposals.”

The foundation of all Nitrogen product plans is Nitrogen Elite a set of sales engagement tools for individual advisors. It reflects Nitrogen’s decade-long track record of equipping advisors to engage prospects and clients. It includes a proven formula for gathering and winning assets; ongoing client engagement that instills fearlessness; powerful analytics and research tools for identifying investments and constructing optimal portfolios; and light planning that illustrates the path to success through the lens of risk capacity. With this release, Nitrogen Elite now offers an upgraded Marketing Kit, featuring AI- driven content generation capabilities to empower advisors with original templates for blogs, social media, emails, and more.

Nitrogen remains committed to ongoing innovation in these plans, with upcoming releases set to be announced live from the Fearless Investing Summit taking place in Miami, Florida from October 2nd-4th, 2023.

Firm leaders and individual advisors can learn more by joining the product launch event either live on Tuesday, June 6th at 9am PST / 12pm EST, or on demand. This session will showcase the latest product enhancements aimed at accelerating prospect conversion and enhancing client engagement.

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