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Nitrogen | Press Release: Partners with Pathway to Align 401Ks

We’re excited to announce yet another new partner. It’s not every day that two companies in the same city get the chance to make history together. We’re proud to be working with Pathway, which was founded by the co-CEOs of the iconic Hanson McClain Advisors.

SACRAMENTO — Two Sacramento-area firms, Pathway Strategic Advisors and Nitrogen, today announced they have formed a strategic partnership intended to revolutionize the way retirement plans are invested. Pathway is rolling out Nitrogen Pro as the business development, proposal and risk management system for all of Pathway’s retail channel advisors.

Pathway was founded by Scott Hanson and Pat McClain, co-CEOs and founders of the Sacramento-based investment advisory firm Hanson McClain Advisors, known for innovative practice management and investment solutions. Pathway was created to help participants with 401(k), 403(b) and 457 retirement accounts maximize the money in their employer-sponsored defined contribution plans.

Nitrogen’s patented Risk Number™ technology will assess the risk tolerance of each Pathway client, allowing solicitor advisors to more precisely align those clients with their closest Pathway model portfolio. Nitrogen will also help Pathway advisors to better demonstrate the relative risk between clients’ existing 401(k) allocations and the benefits that the Pathway approach can bring to their investments.

“Nitrogen is yet another example of how Pathway is committed to combining high quality investments with the latest technology to deliver a sustainable advantage to our clients and advisor network,” said Scott Hanson. “It’s long past time that 401(k) investors had the same level of access to professional investment advice as do general market investors, and Pathway is committed to helping them receive that level of guidance.”

“Scott Hanson and Pat McClain are well known both locally and nationally,” said Nitrogen CEO Aaron Klein, adding, “We’re proud to partner with such an innovative team, working through both the retail and advisory channels to strengthen this country’s retirement future.”

Nitrogen is the company that invented the Risk Number™, the first-ever quantitative system for identifying client risk tolerance, aligning portfolios to client expectations, and quantifying the suitability of investments. Nitrogen works with RIAs, hybrid advisors, independent broker-dealers, RIA networks, custodians, clearing firms and asset managers to better align investments with the tolerances and expectations of individual investors.

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