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Nitrogen | Press Release: New Annuity Products for Risk Number Assessment

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We’re excited to announce a brand new Annuities + Insurance add-on that is available to advisors today! Read the full release below.

Nitrogen Adds 2,125 Annuity Products for One-Click Risk Number® Assessment

    • Nitrogen introduces a new annuities and insurance feature to its Risk Alignment Platform, which will offer advisors additional insight to each client’s financial portfolio.

    • The new feature will allow financial advisors, who already actively assess whether a client is invested in alignment with their Risk Number® throughout various life stages, to include both the accumulation and distribution stages of their annuities or insurance policies.

Sacramento, CA – March 16, 2016 – Nitrogen, the company that empowers thousands of advisors to align each client’s investments with their Risk Number®, today launched new annuity and insurance capabilities for its Risk Alignment Platform. The new Annuities + Insurance add-on will allow advisors to incorporate 2,125 annuity and insurance products into a client’s full financial picture with a single click, a functionality that has been requested by advisors, back offices and insurance providers who already use Nitrogen.

The newly-added component aims to ease the difficulty in properly measuring an annuity or life insurance product in the context of the rest of a client’s financial portfolio, a common problem among advisors.  Previously, financial advisors would have to consider annuity and insurance holdings separately from other holdings, or manually find the right annuity subaccounts from a menu of 130,000 choices and painstakingly hand-enter them into the portfolio.

“At Nitrogen, we believe in empowering great advisors to drive alignment between clients and their portfolios. That’s the foundation upon which complete financial care is built,” said Aaron Klein, CEO at Nitrogen. “These new capabilities give fiduciary advisors a way to objectively approach the risks and rewards of annuity products, and ensure they only present clients with choices that fit their risk preferences and needs. Annuities can be a core component of a fiduciary portfolio, but only by viewing them in the proper risk context can an advisor demonstrate when an annuity is in a client’s best interests.”

The add-on will be a free upgrade for existing Nitrogen customers. Over time, Nitrogen will continue to add new companies and products into the feature, and there are already six more index annuity products queued up for addition soon.

“We’ve had over 130,000 VA subaccounts available in Nitrogen for a long time, but this new upgrade makes adding the right product and correct subaccounts as easy as a Google search,” said Mike McDaniel, Chief Investment Officer at Nitrogen. “For advisors who want to quantify their fiduciary compliance under DOL rules and still provide access to annuity benefits, this is a big step forward.”

Nitrogen’s unique spirit of innovation led to the creation of The Real-Time Wealth Management Enterprise™, composed of three parts: the Risk Alignment Platform and Risk Number®, which quantify a client’s risk tolerance; Autopilot, an automated asset management platform for financial advisors; and Compliance Cloud, which flags potential compliance issues by searching and indexing accounts which may be misaligned with a client’s risk tolerance.

“Some might think I’ve been a bit harsh on the ‘self-directed robos’ in the media lately – but this news further illustrates why ‘robo’ is simply a technology model that human advisors can leverage to decrease cost and complexity, and increase scale and service,” added Klein. “What real advisors do is complex and important. We’re proud to be equipping human advisors everywhere to demonstrate the value they provide to clients in a digital world.”

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About Nitrogen
Nitrogen is the company that invented the Risk Number®, which powers the world’s first Risk Alignment Platform, empowers advisors to execute the digital advice business model with Autopilot, and enables compliance teams to spot issues, develop real-time visibility and navigate changing fiduciary rules with Compliance Cloud. Advisors, broker-dealers, RIAs, asset managers, custodians and clearing firms today manage $139 billion on Nitrogen’s platform in pursuit of its mission to align the world’s investments with each investor’s Risk Number. To learn more, visit www.riskalyze.com.

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