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Nitrogen | Press Release: FUSE Collaborative Development Conference

We are thrilled to be joining Orion Advisor Services as they kick off the first annual FUSE Conference for financial services software developers. It’s no secret that radical innovations rarely happen in a vacuum, and we applaud Orions’ efforts to ignite the industry’s first collaborative development conference.  Here’s the press announcement. 


Firm Brings Industry’s Top Software Developers to Park City, Utah, to Create Innovative Software Solutions for Investment Advisors

OMAHA, NEB.—September 9, 2014Orion Advisor Services, LLC (“Orion”) announces it will host Fuse 2014, the inaugural edition of a new industry conference for financial services software companies. The weekend conference will bring together developers from the financial services sector’s leading software firms to create collaborative projects that will solve problems for investment advisors.

“Using technology to make life easier for advisors and their clients has always been a focus for Orion, and Fuse is another initiative to support that foundation,” said Eric Clarke, President and CEO of Orion. “We believe the event will help us build deeper relationships with our integration partners, while simultaneously collaborating on creative enhancements to the software that advisors use every day.”

Developers from more than 15 companies will stay at a mountain lodge in Park City, Utah, for two full days, where they will be able to concentrate completely on new innovations, with a focus on creating enhancements complementary to Orion’s open-sourced client portal. Participating companies include ActiFi, AdvisoryWorld, cleverDome Solutions, eMoney Advisor, Finance Logix, Gladstone Analytics, HiddenLevers, inStream Solutions, Laser App, MoneyGuidePro, Object Lateral, Redtail Technology, Nitrogen, Sagacious and Salentica.  

“Collaborative development conferences are very popular among startup companies, where a number of innovative apps and services have been built,” said Bill Winterberg, Founder of FPPad, a financial services technology consulting firm. “I’m excited that Orion has embraced the concept with its Fuse 2014 weekend, bringing the best developers together to tackle real-world challenges financial advisors face every day.”

Mr. Winterberg and Joel Bruckenstein, Publisher of Technology Tools for Today, will serve as event hosts and facilitate the conference’s activities. Judges who will determine the best solutions developed during the weekend include J.D. Bruce, CPA, PFS, President of Abacus Wealth Partners, Ryan Beach, President of CLS Investments, and Billy Oliverio, Vice President of Investment Advisory Services at United Planners Financial Services. Awards will be chosen based on the best contributions to the advisor community.

About Orion Advisor Services, LLC

Orion Advisor Services, LLC is the premier portfolio accounting service provider for advisors. The firm has unique insights into the advisory profession because it was founded for investment advisors by investment advisors in 1999. Orion frees advisors from back-office tedium so they can enjoy their business again by devoting their time and energy to better serving clients. Orion provides the integrated and fully customizable technology solutions that advisors need to grow their businesses over the long term. The firm’s technology solutions empower more than 450 advisory firms with total assets under administration in excess of $160 billion from more than 740,000 individual accounts.

For more information about Orion Advisor Services, LLC, visit www.orionadvisor.com or follow Orion at @orionadvisor

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