Press Releases > Press Release: Nitrogen Launches New Proposal Workflow for Advisors

Press Release: Nitrogen Launches New Proposal Workflow for Advisors

We’re excited to introduce a brand-new, proposal workflow offering to help advisors compare, contrast, and manage their proposals for clients. Read more in the full press release below!

Nitrogen Launches New Proposal Workflow for Advisors

An all-new proposal workflow rolls out across all Nitrogen Select, Nitrogen Elite, and legacy plans today.

AUBURN, CALIFORNIA — February 16, 2021Nitrogen, formerly Riskalyze, the company that equips thousands of firms with solutions for client engagement, investment analytics, and trading automation, has launched an all-new workflow to help advisors compare, contrast, and manage their proposals for clients.

Starting today, advisors can now build multiple portfolio proposals for a client, move them through the process from draft to selection, and archive every recommendation to satisfy compliance standards.

Built upon the principles of Rational Choice Theory — which poses that investors will feel most confident in a selection when given options ‘A’ and ‘B,’ rather than simply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ — support for proposal comparison will equip advisors with the ability to elicit maximum buy-in and empower clients to invest fearlessly.

“We love seeing tens of thousands of great advisors proposing portfolios with just the right amount of risk in them,“ said Aaron Klein, CEO at Nitrogen. “Today’s update is not just a leap forward in helping advisors get to that ‘ACAT Form Moment.’ It also helps advisors stay ahead of regulation and document their approach.”

With increasing compliance standards surrounding documentation of investment recommendations, the new solution also allows every proposal to be archived alongside its status. Today’s release empowers advisors and wealth management enterprises to better build and document portfolios in the best interest of clients, especially in light of regulations such as Reg BI.

“We’re delighted to deliver our biggest update to proposal generation since its inception,” said Bob Dimicco, SVP of Engineering and Product at Nitrogen. “This enables investors to move forward with the plan that suits them best and provides our customers with the most up-to-date tools for carrying out their fiduciary duty.”

The updated proposal status workflow is live today, and eligible customers can learn more in the Nitrogen Knowledge Base. For more information on Nitrogen’s suite of best interest documentation tools for advisors and wealth management enterprises, visit

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