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Press Release: Nitrogen Unveils a Suite of Updates…

What a day we’ve had so far at the Fearless Investing Summit in San Antonio! We’re thrilled about what today’s product updates mean for the Fearless Investing Movement, and we invite you to check out the full press release below.

Nitrogen Unveils a Suite of Updates to the Nitrogen Platform, Including “GPA” and a Mobile App for Advisors

The all-new features, cutting-edge efficiency metric, and the iOS app were announced at Nitrogen’s Fearless Investing Summit in San Antonio, Texas

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Oct. 18, 2018 – Nitrogen today announced the latest advancements to its platform at the company’s second annual Fearless Investing Summit. The three-day event brings together the industry’s leading financial professionals, experts, and entrepreneurs to discuss key financial advisor trends, digital marketing strategies, and lessons in entrepreneurship from 41 featured speakers.

Among the platform’s latest enhancements is notably the GPA, a brand-new metric highlighting the efficiency of funds and portfolios.

“We’re proud of the thousands of advisors who use the Risk Number to talk about risk with their clients, but we all know that not all Risk Number 65 investments are created equally,” said Mike McDaniel, Co-founder and Chief Investment Officer at Nitrogen. “GPA will give advisors a simple and powerful way to explain risk/reward efficiency, illustrate the impact and value of hedging, and lead the industry toward more efficient investing solutions.”

Today’s announcements at the Fearless Investing Summit Include:

GPA: A brand-new metric that showcases the efficiency of return per unit of risk. Advisors can win new prospects by highlighting that some investments do a much better job rewarding risk. Because it is both objective and quantitative, GPAs can be applied not only to the fund level but to the account, portfolio and model level as well.

Nitrogen Mobile App: An incredibly powerful remote control for your Nitrogen account in the palm of your hand. Advisors will be able to respond to new leads, access key client data, check-in on client psychology and approve Autopilot trades with a few taps.

Multiple Opinions: An optimized workflow for capturing multiple opinions about what a client’s Risk Number should be. Whether you gather opinions from spouses in a marriage, 10 members of an investment committee for a non-profit endowment, or even use it to gather risk tolerance for segmented buckets of money, advisors can easily reconcile those opinions into one simple risk target.

All-New Client Profile: A new way to paint an even better picture about how much risk the client wants, how much they have in their portfolio, and how much risk they need to take to reach their goals. Now, advisors can hot-swap multiple portfolios and compare them in an oft-requested side-by-side view.

Timeline: A major upgrade to Retirement Maps for all Nitrogen Premier users. With Timeline, you can add events like sending a kid to college, buying a house, or taking Social Security early, and immediately see them reflected in the Retirement Map calculation. Plus, with full API access, great financial planning tools will be able to pull Timeline events right into a client’s financial plan.

Brand-New User Experience: An edge-to-edge, beautiful design that maximizes screen real estate. With an improved client-facing experience and better ways to search for and import new clients, Nitrogen feels brand new with the same familiarity and intuitiveness the platform has always provided.

“We’re really proud of what the product team at Nitrogen has accomplished for our amazing advisors,” said Dan Cunningham, Vice President of Product at Nitrogen. “We think the ability to capture multiple Risk Numbers for spouses, segments of dollars, or members of an investment committee is going to be a game-changer, and the brand-new user interface wraps it all into an incredible new experience for advisors.”

The Nitrogen Mobile App was made available to Summit attendees today, and general availability is expected later this year. An Android version will be made available early next year. All Nitrogen users can opt into the new-user experience, which includes GPA, Multiple Opinions, and the new Client Profile, starting today. Timeline will be available to all Nitrogen Premier users in December.

“Today is a big day, not just for Nitrogen, but for every advisor who is a part of the Fearless Investing Movement,” said Aaron Klein, CEO at Nitrogen. “We’ve taken a big step in our commitment to equipping advisors on mobile and beyond, and we’re just getting started.”

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