Riskalyze is now Nitrogen

Meet the new brand that’s still helping you grow your firm.

Nitrogen accelerates growth for wealth management firms

Every advisory firm wants to increase client trust, loyalty, and satisfaction, and convert the right prospects that walk through their doors. However, the majority of firms today aren’t growing. Why does growth seem so hard to achieve for the modern financial advisor?

Enter the Nitrogen Growth Platform. It empowers you to transform fearful investors who make bad decisions, into fearless investors who make great decisions — and great decisions are the fuel advisory firms use to deliver amazing long-term financial outcomes that change people’s lives and turn prospects into lifelong clients.

We may look different, but we still have the same passion for creating powerful client acquisition and retention processes for your firm. You can expect bigger and better things as we help your firm experience extraordinary growth. So what are you waiting for?

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What do you need to know?

There's more growth possibilities.

We’re supporting firms of every size with our Ultimate package.

We have a new look.

Access our Style Guide and download the assets you need to represent the Nitrogen brand.

Our mission is the same.

We’re still empowering the world to invest fearlessly.


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We conducted the first-ever wealth tech survey at the start of the year and got over 1,000 responses from advisors nationwide.

The astounding results will be announced at Wealthmanagment.com’s RIA Edge conference on May 22. As part of our rebrand launch, you can sign up for a pre-release copy and receive practical insights for growing your advisory business

“What can you expect from Nitrogen? Quite simply, everything you’ve come to love about Riskalyze and more.”


You were great before! Why did you have to change?

We decided that it was time for our name to tell that broader story of who we are today, and who we will be in the future. And it all comes back to our mission. How can we truly empower the world to invest fearlessly, if there aren’t growing and thriving wealth management firms to serve them?

We believe the growth platform is that missing element in the wealth tech stack. Think about it this way — every firm starts with an asset platform to manage their assets; with a marketing process to bring leads through the door, and a CRM to ensure every client and prospect are accounted for.

But this piece in the middle — advisors have been trying to fill that hole for a long time. Some of them used Excel. Some of them used PowerPoint. Some used charting or analytics tools. Others tried to use comprehensive financial planning tools. There have been a lot of square pegs they’ve tried to shove into that round hole!

A purpose-built growth platform encompasses the set of tools that wealth management firms use to turn great fiduciary advisors into GROWTH ENGINES, without having to twist them into salespeople.

A purpose-built growth platform works hand in hand with your asset platform, your marketing, and your CRM to deliver the workflows, the analytics, and the insights to turn leads into meetings, meetings into valued clients, and clients into referral champions.

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