Advisor Consolidates Tech Spend and Puts Clients at the Center of his Practice

Before using Nitrogen, Jimmy was struggling to grow his practice. Once he embraced Nitrogen at his firm, he instantly fell in love with using it with clients.

I tell other wealth management firms all the time that they really need to sign up for Nitrogen. I believe it's best of breed. There's nothing else out there that is so client centric.
— Jimmy Miller, Financial Advisor and Founder of Baobab Wealth

Financial Advisor Jimmy Miller, founder of Baobab Wealth Management, shares his journey and the impact of Nitrogen on his firm’s success. Jimmy discusses how Nitrogen has been instrumental in enhancing the services and efficiency of Baobab Wealth Management, underscoring the platform’s value in the world of global financial planning. To Jimmy, the best part about Nitrogen is that it puts clients at the center and makes clients feel at ease. 

In 2015, Jimmy established Baobab Wealth Management, emphasizing retirement income planning for a diverse clientele that includes Americans, Expats, cross-border families, and foreign nationals. His approach centers on creating tailored financial plans for each client. Jimmy’s global perspective, shaped by a childhood spent in Zambia, the Philippines, Haiti, and Hong Kong, and his education in Business Management in Anchorage, Alaska, uniquely positions him to understand and meet the needs of his international clients. His personal story, including meeting his wife Sonja on Mt Kilimanjaro and raising their well-traveled son Hendrik, adds a personal touch to his professional narrative. 


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