One Firm’s Client-Winning Combination: Nitrogen and FMG Suite

Learn how Clint Gault has increased client satisfaction with both growth and marketing automation platforms.

One of our favorite technology platforms is Nitrogen. Nitrogen helps us win clients, and FMG Suite lets clients know we're there for them.
— Clint Gault, Tax and Wealth Advisor at Wealth Health, LLC

Clint Gault, a seasoned Tax and Wealth Advisor and a dedicated user of Nitrogen, recently shared his success story in a captivating video. Clint is a well-respected figure in the financial planning industry. As the leader of Wealth Health, LLC; Wealth Health Tax, LLC; and Gault Legal Group, LLC, Clint employs a multifaceted approach to wealth management that aligns legal expertise with fiscal acumen.

In the video, Clint eloquently details how Nitrogen has revolutionized the way his firm operates, emphasizing its efficiency and effectiveness. He also highlights the synergistic relationship between Nitrogen’s growth platform and FMG Suite, a leading marketing automation platform. This powerful combination has not only streamlined his business processes but also significantly enhanced client engagement and satisfaction. Clint’s story is a testament to the transformative impact of Nitrogen and FMG Suite, serving as an example for financial professionals seeking to elevate their practice through best-in-breed technology.

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