Firm Increased Closed-Deal Rate from 50% to 80-90% with Nitrogen

Learn how Sara Caudle has increased closing rates, help put clients at ease in volatile markets, and ultimately grow her practice like never before.

Nitrogen is truly an indispensable tool that you can take into any prospect or client meeting.
— Sara Caudle, Financial Advisor at Anchor Investment Management LLC

Sara Caudle’s testimonial showcases her professional expertise as an Investment Associate at Anchor Management and how Nitrogen’s growth platform has benefited her practice. Her background, spanning positions at an independent RIA and at an institutional investment consulting firm, after graduating from Roanoke College in 2012, conveys her deep experience in both personal and institutional investment. At Anchor, her focus on long-term investment strategies has been instrumental in delivering client satisfaction and portfolio success.

Sara’s success story video highlights how Nitrogen has been beneficial in her work, reflecting her commitment to client-first service and strategic financial management. Her success at Anchor, marked by achieving financial goals for her clients and building long-term client relationships, serves as a real-world endorsement of Nitrogen’s value to financial professionals and advisors.

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