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A letter from our CEO

It was just about ten years ago that we launched Riskalyze into beta — and it took off like a rocket.

Since then, the Risk Number® has transformed how tens of thousands of advisors turn leads into meetings, meetings into clients, and clients into referral champions. And it didn’t take us long to realize that we hadn’t just invented a better way to talk about risk — we’d invented a better way to help wealth management firms grow.

And we haven’t let up this past decade, investing more than $50 million dollars into R&D to build out an incredible platform for you — deep portfolio analytics, stress testing, proposals, investment policy statements, client check ins, lead generation, and a host of other industry-first features.

It’s time for our name to reflect not just who we are today, but who we will be in the future.

Last year, at our Fearless Investing Summit, I said we planned to rebrand our company in 2023, and that day is here.

We’ve officially changed our name to Nitrogen

It’s an unexpected choice, but Nitrogen is like that! It’s an absolutely essential element for growth. It’s a catalyst for growth. It’s a force multiplier.

As the growth platform for wealth management firms, Nitrogen is an essential element to expand your impact on your clients — to turn leads into meetings, meetings into valued clients, and clients into referral champions.

What can you expect from us as Nitrogen?

First, everything you’ve come to love about Riskalyze. Continued investment in the innovative capabilities that differentiate and strengthen your firm.

Second, we’ve made clear that our strategy is not to become an asset platform but to integrate with your CRM and asset platform to drive your growth and success as a financial advisor or wealth management firm. So every dollar of our R&D investment will focus on driving that advantage for you.

And finally, we’ll continue to be mission-driven. If we don’t have growing wealth management firms, how can we truly accomplish our mission of empowering the world to invest fearlessly? We are deeply committed to advisors like you who make up the Fearless Investing Movement, and we will continue to stand behind you every step of the way.

You can see and learn more about our rebrand at We’ve included some answers to frequently asked questions there, and if we missed any, please don’t hesitate to send a note to [email protected] and ask! We’re here to help.

We’re nothing without the advisors and firms we love to serve. Thank you for your trust and support. Here’s to a vibrant future of growth together.

Aaron Klein
CEO at Nitrogen

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