Pair the Growth Platform with AdvisorEngine

Nitrogen + AdvisorEngine

Bring the power of the Nitrogen Growth Platform into the heart of your AdvisorEngine CRM. See firsthand why hundreds of advisors are using this powerful integration to reduce redundant data entry and back office tasks, increase their productivity, document their fiduciary standard of client care, and so much more.


Included in:
  • CRM
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How it Works

Sync AdvisorEngine clients directly into Nitrogen and instantly tap into sophisticated analytics of holdings, accounts, and portfolios. When Risk Assessments and Portfolio Analysis paint a picture of misalignment, it’ll quickly put you on the right side of an ACAT form. Once clients know their Risk Number and have bought into their investment plan, documentation of your fiduciary duty happens automatically in AdvisorEngine.

Integration includes:

  • Import new Nitrogen client records into AdvisorEngine
  • Export client records into Nitrogen
  • Firms can also view the Nitrogen Risk Number for clients and portfolios within AdvisorEngine
  • SSO between Nitrogen and AdvisorEngine


Get Nitrogen and AdvisorEngine integrated

In order to enable the Nitrogen and AdvisorEngine integration, you will need to log in using your Nitrogen login credentials. The following steps will help you do so:

  1. Log in to AdvisorEngine CRM and click on View Profile > User Preferences.
  2. Click Import > Import and Match Nitrogen Clients.
  3. AdvisorEngine CRM will automatically match all records that can be matched based on name and email address.


Learn More

To learn more about using the Nitrogen and AdvisorEngine integration, visit our knowledge base article.


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