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Integrate Black Diamond with Nitrogen

Seamlessly drive your business from account aggregation, to risk-aligned proposals, to implementation and reporting with Black Diamond and Nitrogen.

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Start with the power of Risk Alignment…

Sync Black Diamond’s aggregated accounts directly into Nitrogen and instantly tap into sophisticated analytics of holdings, accounts, and portfolios. Set a target Risk Number or leverage risk assessments to generate a proposal that demonstrates alignment with clients.

…and guide your clients through their wealth journey.

Once clients know their Risk Number and have bought into their investment strategy, they’re ready for a complete financial plan. Give them visibility into that plan, including their Risk Number, Portfolio Risk, Risk/Reward heatmaps, and more, right inside the Black Diamond Wealth Platform.

Clients just “get it.”
Share the Risk Number

An active, two-way sync ensures every client’s Risk Number is reflected in Nitrogen and Black Diamond.

Give your clients visibility

With the flip of a switch, your clients get visibility into their personal Risk Number, the Risk Number of their portfolio, and the 95% Historical Range™ on their portfolio directly inside the Client Experience Portal.

Implement your changes in Black Diamond

Launch a risk questionnaire, build your clients a custom-fit proposal in Nitrogen, and seamlessly implement those changes in Black Diamond.

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A seamless solution with deep integration
Black Diamond and Nitrogen speak “custodian”

The days of manually keying in accounts and holdings are over. Black Diamond seamlessly keeps all your reconciled custodial data up to date in Nitrogen and allows you to tap into detailed portfolio analytics and trading data.

Comprehensive analytics paint the whole picture

Bring the power of Stress Tests, Scenarios, Individual Security Analysis, and detailed reports right into Black Diamond.

No need to juggle passwords

Launch Nitrogen from Black Diamond—or Black Diamond from Nitrogen. However you build portfolios, you’ll have access to Nitrogen's full suite of risk alignment and portfolio building tools.

Guide your clients through their entire wealth journey and empower them to invest fearlessly with Nitrogen

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