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Nitrogen’s Engagement Platform to Power Client Experience for Sherman Portfolios

Nitrogen and Sherman Portfolios partner to optimize risk and returns through data-driven research and real-time market signals.

AUBURN, CA – FEBRUARY 27th, 2024 — Nitrogen, the company that is revolutionizing how financial advisors and wealth management firms grow, today announced the deployment of its platform to Sherman Portfolios, a leading registered investment advisor (“RIA”). Through this partnership, Nitrogen will integrate Sherman Portfolios’ investment strategies into its platform, offering Nitrogen’s advisors a broader array of options for client portfolio construction. At the same time, Sherman Portfolio’s advisors will gain access to Nitrogen’s proprietary Risk Number, facilitating improved risk evaluation and more meaningful client conversations.

With over $1B between their AUM and assets under advisement, Sherman Portfolios is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and comprehensive support to its clients. This partnership with Nitrogen underscores the firm’s commitment to empowering advisors with the tools and resources needed to create efficient portfolios and manage risk effectively while also highlighting how the Risk Number can be effectively applied to a variety of investment strategies, including tactically managed portfolios. By embracing real-time market signals and data-driven research, Nitrogen and Sherman Portfolios are setting a new standard for risk and portfolio management all while empowering advisors to facilitate empowering conversations with clients around risk.

“At Sherman Portfolios, we’re committed to minimizing risk and maximize returns,” said Adam Weisner, President & CEO of Sherman Portfolios. “With more than 70 model portfolios, we create time-saving solutions centered on tactical research. This means that financial advisors can maintain a singular focus on clients and separate themselves from the losses that come with buying, holding, and hoping. Nitrogen breathes new life into this goal in a fresh and innovative manner.”

Now, Sherman Portfolios’ advisors gain access to a wider range of investment strategies, enabling them to construct more diversified and resilient portfolios for their clients. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in the evolution of portfolio management, offering enhanced capabilities and insights to advisors and their clients alike.

“When our team seeks firms to partner with, we look for those that are truly making a difference for their advisors, clients and the broader world around them,” said Stephen Brandes, Chief Revenue Officer of Nitrogen. “Sherman Portfolios perfectly embodies this ethos, and we are privileged to collaborate with them to deploy Nitrogen’s solutions for the maximum benefit of both the firm and investors.”

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