Nitrogen is not for everyone.

Here are our top 8 customer objections with some resources and data to help you make the right decision.

“We Already Have a Free Solution.”

Do your clients really want free when it comes to their life savings? The verdict is in: the subjective questionnaires of the past don’t work. They may have checked the box for compliance once upon a time, but they aren’t growth drivers for your firm, and they surely don’t set the right expectations to help clients invest fearlessly for the long haul.

Take it from Brian who opted to use the free software package given by his employer instead of Nitrogen. These programs did not help Brian gain prospective clients — in fact — they had the potential to hurt new business.

With Nitrogen, Brian now has the ability to integrate with his other technology, reframe client expectations, and uncover held-away assets allowing him to convert prospects to clients at higher rates than ever before.

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“I don’t want to disrupt how I currently interact with clients.”

Some advisors use questionnaires to set a risk target, and some don’t! There’s no forwards or backwards way to use Nitrogen. Either way — for clients new and old — this platform helps them see and understand what you’ve been telling them.

Regardless of your currently tech stack or workflow, Nitrogen was built to snap into your existing process, help you engage with prospects, and empower fearless investing with your clients.

“[Nitrogen] has become an invaluable part of our business, and we now use it across every client—current and prospective.” – P.J., Advisor in Texas.

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“Our current process works pretty well. I’m just not seeing where we would use this.”

We’re officially in the decade of risk. It feels like everything has changed, but one of the biggest is how advisors build trust with their clients.

Clients don’t want perception — they want data. They need to see bulletproof methodology that demonstrates a rigorous process that gives them the best chance at safety in an uncertain world.

It’s clear that risk alignment is no longer a “nice to have.”

The question advisors have to ask themselves is this: “How do you keep clients fearless during a risk-first decade?”

“We already have other financial technology and are not sure how Nitrogen would integrate with those tools.”

You’re only as efficient as the systems around you, and fortunately, the Risk Number plugs right into all your favorite technology products.

If you want to connect your custodial feed into Nitrogen, sync data back and forth across your CRM, attach your reporting and billing engines, and put the Risk Number at the heart of your financial planning platform, we’ve got you covered. And you can rest assured knowing our Product team is working hard to add new integrations every day.

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“I’m not sure if I can trust your data and methodology.”

We developed Nitrogen the hard way — by using security-level risk assessment (not asset class assumptions) as the building blocks for analysis. Our analytics engine recalculates risk at the security level every single night based upon actual price history of a holding. We analyze both the volatility of that price history and the correlations across multiple securities ensuring our data is best-in-class.

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“I wouldn’t use it enough to justify the cost.”

Take it from Michael at Equity Concepts, “Once I saw the impact Nitrogen made in constructing portfolios and reviewing current portfolios, I was amazed more advisors weren’t using it. It was shocking to me.”

In fact, once Equity Concepts implemented Nitrogen’s risk questionnaire across their entire firm, their closing rate jumped to 90%!

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“This would just be another thing I need to set up and manage.”

When you sign up for Nitrogen, we’ll connect you with a personalized onboarding coach for 90 days! But we feel confident that you’ll be up and running within a matter of hours.

Need more resources? We’ve got hands-on training, self-guided programs, world-class events, and the industry’s best Customer Care team to make sure you are successful.

With the resources we provide, when implementing Nitrogen firmwide, most advisors:

  • Win 4-8 new clients after just 90 days
  • Gain $1.5M+ after just 90 days
  • Receive 1-3 new referrals after just 90 days
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“Our investment process is unique and a risk tool can’t accurately represent it.”

Nitrogen has coverage on more than 1,000,000 securities and investments. But if you need access to additional options such as SMAs, special annuities, or alternatives, Nitrogen makes it easy to build custom investments for analysis in client portfolios.

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