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Say Goodbye to Disconnected Data: 4 Advisor Integrations to Save the Day

Feeling overwhelmed by data and disconnected systems?

Juggling multiple systems can easily stifle your productivity and hinder client service. One recent report noted that “only 32% of advisors say their technology is ‘very well prepared’ to support clients’ needs” – citing a lack of integration capabilities as a core issue. 

With what seems like endless amounts of advisor software available, each tool promises to help you do more in less time. But if all these solutions remain isolated from one another, they can actually create more work for you and your team. 

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Through integrations, you can use each piece of your tech stack to its full potential, while also delivering a smoother experience for your clients. In today’s blog, we’re exploring how disconnected systems can hinder progress and client service, which types of integrations are key to advisory success, and more.


Advisor Experiences without Integrations: Common Problems

Managing a patchwork of siloed financial advisor tools can result in everything from mild annoyances to unhappy clients and even burnout. Some of the most common pain points advisors face with siloed solutions include:

  • Disconnected Data: Scattered information across platforms creates a fragmented view of your clients’ financial picture – making it tougher to find the right information when you (or your clients) need it. 
  • Manual Data Entry: Transferring data between systems via manual download and reupload is time-consuming, leaves room for costly errors, and even increases risk of security breaches. 
  • Fragmented Client Experience: Clients shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to access their information or communicate with you – instead, your tech should facilitate consistent and seamless interactions.

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Nitrogen is proud to offer over 40 integrations (and counting) with your favorite wealth management tools, allowing you to centralize your data and streamline workflows.


Unleash Your Superpower: 4 Must-Have Advisor Integrations in Action


1. CRM Integrations

Per the 2024 Growth Survey, over half of advisors rank CRMs as one of the most important technologies for advisory firm growth. When your tech stack communicates directly with your CRM, you can:

  • Track client touchpoints 
  • Schedule appointments and meetings
  • Easily manage upcoming and completed tasks
  • Gain valuable insights into client relationships
  • And more

Nitrogen currently offers CRM integrations, allowing you to easily sync client data across platforms, simplify client communication, and manage relationships effortlessly.

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2. Portfolio Management Integrations

Portfolio management integration allows you to gain a comprehensive view of your clients’ assets and make data-driven decisions without having to switch between applications. 

It’s important to know if a client’s risk level has changed when making recommendations for their portfolio – which is why you should feel confident that any client profile updates are synced across systems.

For example, if you use Black Diamond for portfolio management, you can create your proposal in Nitrogen and then implement that plan on the Black Diamond platform. When client information is updated in one system, it’s automatically synced to the other, saving you time so you can get back to your clients more quickly. 

In addition to Black Diamond, Nitrogen currently offers portfolio management integrations for:

3. Financial Planning Integrations

A financial planning integration empowers you to deliver comprehensive financial planning services with automated reports and goal tracking. 

Our planning integrations include a variety of benefits for you, your clients, and your firm, such as:

  • The ability to import Nitrogen model portfolios and corresponding Risk Numbers into your planning software
  • Automate plan monitoring in your financial planning tool to stay updated with accurate client information
  • View key client insights, accounts, holdings, and more in one place
  • And more

Nitrogen has integrations ready for all your favorite financial planning software, including:

4. Client Portal Integrations

Lastly, an integration with your client engagement tools makes it easier for you to stay connected with your clients while also giving them access to their financial information. 

Client communication is key to your business growth, as Nasdaq reports: “88.2% of surveyed clients would consider their advisors’ frequency and style of communication when deciding to retain his/her services.” That same report also found that nearly half of all advisory clients wish their advisors would reach out more often. 

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Nitrogen recently announced enhancements to our integration with popular client portal software Orion – which now offers more data organization options and configuration options in addition to the existing integration (which connected proposals, client accounts, and portfolio modeling).

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A powerful and integrated tech stack can streamline your work, improve client relationships, and drive growth. If you’re wondering where to get started, your portfolio management software, CRM, financial planning tools, and client portal platforms are likely to make the biggest impact.


Ready to Utilize Integrations?

Nitrogen’s business growth platform helps advisors like you save the day with secure integrations and exceptional client service. Click here to schedule a free demo of Nitrogen and get started. 

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