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Nitrogen | Press Release: New Tax Intelligence And Risk + Tax Alpha

We’re proud to announce powerful new tax intelligence capabilities for our advisor trading platform; read the full press release below!

Nitrogen Delivers Breakthrough Tax Intelligence Capabilities and Launches the Era of “Risk Alpha + Tax Alpha” for Advisors

Keynote presentation at Fearless Week showcases Intelligent Tax Optimization, Automated Tax Loss Harvesting, all-new portfolio analytics, and expanded coverage of structured notes

AUBURN, CALIFORNIA — August 12, 2020 — At the company’s Fearless Week keynote, Nitrogen today announced powerful new tax intelligence capabilities for its advisor trading platform, leapfrogging the status quo of legacy rebalancing tools, and showcased groundbreaking new portfolio analytics as a part of Nitrogen Elite, as well as expanded coverage for structured notes on the platform.

The natively-digital Fearless Week event has brought together thousands of the industry’s leading financial advisors, as well as more than 80 entrepreneurs, builders, innovators, investors, technologists, and leaders as speakers and panelists.

Nitrogen CEO Aaron Klein kicked off the keynote with a six-step guide on how advisors can keep their clients fearless during this “risk-first decade” and then turned to demonstrations of these pivotal enhancements to the platform. Notable among today’s presentation included:

  • New Investor Sentiment Data: Nitrogen Chairman Lori Hardwick presented new research from data in Nitrogen that demonstrated client psychology in 2020, its correlation to market performance, and the relationship between plan confidence and market sentiment.
  • New Portfolio Analytics Tools: Nitrogen gave a tour of the recently-announced new Detailed Portfolio Stats in Nitrogen Elite and demonstrated the delivery of Risk Alpha to clients with all-new printed reports. Advisors also now have the ability to attach additional pages to PDF reports for Form CRS delivery or other customizations.
  • Intelligent Tax Optimization: Demonstrated live for the first time, Nitrogen’s proprietary trading optimization engine now allows advisors to easily set a capital gains budget for a client. The technology runs millions of scenarios to determine precisely how many shares of each tax lot to get the client as close to their Risk Number® target as possible, while staying under budget.
  • Automated Tax Loss Harvesting: Nitrogen previewed its groundbreaking ability to completely automate the loss harvesting process for advisors. Unlike legacy rebalancing tools whose multi-step processes include the advisor telling the computer which securities might need to be harvested, Nitrogen’s automated solution analyzes millions of holdings every day for opportunities to harvest losses. Advisors can easily customize thresholds and set up replacement securities for Risk Number ranges within the portfolio.

    In addition, Nitrogen now automatically manages parallel positions and facilitates switchback rebalancing after the 31-day wash sale window ends. Advisors can either do an immediate switchback, or can allow the technology to automatically move the client toward target over time while maximizing tax efficiency.

  • Coverage of Structured Products: Nitrogen today announced a major expansion of structured notes coverage through a new partnership with Halo Investing. Not only will advisors be able to analyze tens of thousands of structured notes in Nitrogen, they’ll also experience a seamless “single sign on” experience between Nitrogen and Halo.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Nitrogen and play such a prominent role in this year’s Fearless Week,” said Biju Kulathakal, CEO at Halo Investing. “Structured notes are on the rise, and we believe they are a great product to help mitigate volatility for advisors using Nitrogen to manage risk.”

General availability for structured products coverage will go live in early September; Intelligent Tax Optimization will enter general availability in a similar timeframe, and Automated Tax Loss Harvesting will roll out for all eligible custodians later this year.

“Today, Nitrogen has made it possible for every financial advisor to become their client’s tax super hero,” said Aaron Klein, CEO at Nitrogen. “We are betting big on the future of the human financial advisor by empowering them to focus their time on the decisions that drive, demonstrate, and prove the incredible value they create. This is the end of the ‘fee compression’ narrative — advisors who deliver Risk Alpha and Tax Alpha to their clients are set up to succeed for this risk-first decade.”

The full keynote session is now available for viewing at

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