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Powerful business intelligence to keep you on course.

Leverage the executive dashboard to measure both the growth and risk of your firm’s entire book of business.

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Benefits of a
Business Insights Solution

Track Your Business Growth

You can’t grow what you can’t measure. With business insights, you’re prepared to make stronger long-term decisions for your business.

Dive into Advisors’ Performance

Quickly see which advisors are outperforming others. Take their expertise and share it with the rest of your team for exponential growth.

Take Action when Issues Arise

See which accounts and households are out of alignment and put a plan in place to resolve issues.

Measure your growth.

How can you tell your advisors apart? With Insights, you’ve got access to powerful growth and risk insights across your AUM. Now you can see how your advisors have grown over time with quick, actionable data.

Compare performance across your firm.

It’s never been easier to determine which clients have Risk Numbers, which clients are feeling confident in their plan, and which advisors are offering exceptional service to their clients.

Just like your firm, Insights is growing. Soon you’ve be able to view book-level Stress Tests across your entire office of advisors allowing you to make smarter long-term decisions for your business.

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Thousands of wealth management firms and financial advisors have propelled their success with Nitrogen.

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