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Editable Trades Lists in Nitrogen Trading

By Jesse Krieger, Senior Product Manager

If you’ve ever used a legacy rebalancer to trade your client accounts, you know that they run on a rigid models-based architecture making flexibility virtually nonexistent. But life isn’t always that simple when clients come with legacy positions, sentimental holdings, unrealized gains, or inefficient portfolios. Then it becomes your job to build a plan and execute it perfectly.

That’s where the Nitrogen Trading dashboard comes in. Nitrogen Trading scans every single client account every night scanning for things like Risk Number drift, cash distributions, tax-loss harvesting opportunities, model changes, and more.

Nitrogen Trading surfaces the right decision you need to make every single time allowing you to focus more time on client relationships and growing your business rather than manual trades with pen and paper.

Now it’s as simple as approving or snoozing each trade and moving on with your day. But what if you need to make edits to those individual trade lists? Today, we’re adding editable trade lists into Nitrogen Trading and I’d love to show you.


Today, we’re adding editable trade lists into Nitrogen Trading!


When it’s time to review your trade lists, you’ll navigate to the Trading Dashboard. Here, you can select any account to view the trades that Nitrogen Trading has generated. When you select Trade Details, you’re able to view the entire list of buys and sells that have been generated. Pretty cool!

This is my favorite part of Trading Dashboard — from here you can view all of the information pertaining to an account that needs to be traded including the Risk Number of the account, the trade reasons, the estimated cash generated, the list of buys and sells, the price, and position amount.

By default, approving the trades on this account would process each of these buys and sells, however, you can easily remove any trade you’d prefer to not process. Once you’ve chosen to remove a trade (or multiple trades), Nitrogen Trading will re-run the rebalance engine and calculate new statistics for the shares, total value, gain/loss, Risk Number, positions, and estimated cash generated.

And if you decide that removing a trade just wasn’t the right move for your client, you can just as easily add it right back into the mix.

Once you’re happy with the final set of buys and sells, you can easily dive into our Intelligent Tax Optimization to optimize your trades, or simply approve the trades. Whether you’re generating easy-to-use spreadsheets, custodian trade files, or sending off trades via Connected Trading, Nitrogen Trading is the fastest way to ensure that all of your client accounts are on target and are executing the trades that you want!

If you are not currently a Nitrogen Trading customer, we’d love to show you around.

If Nitrogen Trading is something you are considering for your business, we’ve got the world’s best onboarding team. With our dedicated onboarding managers and comprehensive training, we’ll make your onboarding process onto Nitrogen Trading a breeze.

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