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Introducing Advanced SMA Analysis in Nitrogen

As an advisor, you know how important it is to offer a variety of investment tools to help your clients reach their financial goals. And as your client’s needs grow, you might look to Separately Managed Accounts or SMAs to fit that niche.

SMAs are unique in the fact that they offer competitive fees, trading transparency, and more control than your standard ETF or mutual fund. However, diving into the nitty-gritty details of SMAs can be difficult and cumbersome to navigate.

Here at Nitrogen, we provide coverage for more than one million securities that advisors use to build portfolios, proposals, and models that leverage the power of the Risk Number®. So, we started asking ourselves, “What would happen if we brought our most advanced analysis and powerful data visualization tools to SMAs?” And that’s just what we’ve done.

Today, we’re proud to announce deeper Separately Managed Account analysis for portfolios, proposals, and models!

Our Product Team has been diligently working on upgrading our SMA data in Nitrogen for the past several months and we could not be more proud of the end result.

Nitrogen now has data on more than 10,000 Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) and our Risk and Analytics team is continuing to work with partners, enterprises, and home offices to add more every day.

How to View In-Depth SMA Analytics

The next time you build a portfolio, proposal, or model in Nitrogen that contains an SMA, you can easily dive into your detailed analysis with just one click.

While you’ll always be met with the proprietary analytics you’ve come to know and love like the Risk Number, 95% Historical Range, and GPA, there is now so much more.

As you scroll through Stats, you’ll be met with everything from modeled performance, diversification, asset classification, regional exposure, risk/reward scatterplot, and size/style widgets. (1)

But that’s not all — now you can filter your fund types within Discovery as well. Simply click the toggle for SMAs under “Security Type” and you’ll be able to dive even further into your research.


Custom Fees for Enterprises

In addition to our new SMA data analysis, we’ve upgraded the way in which we look at SMA fees. We’ve given home offices and enterprises the ability to add custom fees into the Nitrogen platform so that every advisor knows exactly what fees they are paying and how that affects the risk and return — and ultimately the Risk Number of a portfolio.

Adding SMAs into a portfolio and accessing analytics

To add an SMA into an account, you’ll start on the Nitrogen home page, navigate to the desired client, open their portfolio or proposal, and click add an account.

From here, you’ll select SMA or UMA and begin typing the name of the SMA to see a list of relevant matches.

Preview 3

While Nitrogen supports more than 10,000 SMAs, if your desired match is not available, you can learn more about creating a custom SMA here.

Once you have added the SMA into your portfolio, you can click on STATS to see a detailed breakdown of the SMA including trailing returns, modeled performance, diversification, and more!

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