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The Project

By: Aaron Klein
CEO, Nitrogen

The Risk Number isn’t just a tool for helping clients see and understand risk and documenting your work to satisfy their best interests — it’s a proven growth tool advisors use to advertise their practices. It’s why we’ve built the Advisor Marketing Kit and a whole host of training resources to better equip advisors to expand their impact.

We recently thought: what if we actually used our own Advisor Marketing Kit to better test what we know about investor psychology and best practices for advisor growth? That’s exactly what we’ve decided to try.

So, one of our teams has taken the initiative to put our own advertising tools in action to better refine the way we serve our clients. As an added bonus, more consumer awareness about advisors who use Nitrogen doesn’t hurt either! Think: “Ask your advisor if the Risk Number® is right for you.”

Be on the lookout for some of our ads in the wild! Here are some details:

Where’s the research project taking place?

We’ll be running some advertising on Facebook and Instagram this summer, and all ads point to with our Lead Generation Questionnaire embedded as a resource.

What’s in it for investors?

Many consumers out there already have an advisor who uses Nitrogen, and for them, taking this assessment would be pretty useless. Their advisor has run this assessment for them and a whole lot more.

But for those who don’t have an advisor using Nitrogen, this’ll be a great first step to understand part of the risk alignment equation, and then seek help from a great advisor who can complete the puzzle and empower them to invest fearlessly.

What does this mean for advisors?

It means we’re constantly improving our Lead Generation Questionnaire and producing new marketing resources for you. And while those are our two primary goals — gathering data to better research to refine our products and gathering data to better equip advisors with advertising best practices — there’s a side benefit that may be coming your way…

For consumers who find their Risk Number on the site and raise their hand for a portfolio risk analysis, we’ll refer them, based on geography, to an advisor who uses Nitrogen. It’s a pretty limited pilot program, but you never know — we may send a free lead your way sometime soon!

We’re looking forward to the fascinating data and insights that come from the project, and we can’t wait to share what we learn with you all. Thanks again for being the force that brings fearless investing into the world!

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