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Keep Clients Happy and Grow Your Business with These Game-Changing Tools

While the common perception of the wealth management industry might be associated with sleek offices and polished appearances, you’re likely aware that the industry’s true core lies in the countless, everyday conversations between advisors and the investors they serve. 

But each of those clients also carries different needs, challenges, and goals. As your book of business grows, it can become increasingly time-consuming to tailor your services for each client. In fact, 28% of advisors feel a lack of time with clients is “impacting their ability to deliver comprehensive guidance and communication.”

That’s where Nitrogen’s client engagement solutions become crucial to your firm’s processes. Read on to explore how Check-Ins, Stress Tests, and Scenarios can help save you time and elevate your client engagement along the way. 

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Give the People What They Want: Why Client Engagement is Key to Growth

A recent survey from Absolute Engagement found that “While 74% of clients emphasize the importance of confidence in reaching their financial goals, only 53% are confident that they will actually reach those goals.” Moreover, “43% of clients cited the greatest benefit of working with an advisor as gaining a clear vision for the life they wanted in retirement.”

When your firm consistently meets the needs of its clients by boosting confidence and keeping them informed of their progress, you can:

  • Stay on top of shifting client expectations. Client sentiment isn’t static – knowing when a certain client needs extra attention and care can proactively help them feel valued.
  • Keep clients happy and increase your retention rates. Strong relationships help reduce churn and ensure consistent revenue streams, which is increasingly valuable as we navigate the Generational Wealth Transfer.
  • Build your book of business through referrals. Happy clients are more likely to spread the word about your firm, and referrals remain the top reported method by far for acquiring leads!

To do that, it’s key to approach your client engagement with more than just portfolio performance in mind. With Nitrogen, you can keep a pulse on client satisfaction and engagement through behavioral psychology backed by real data. 

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Meet Nitrogen’s Client Engagement Solutions


Did you know that nearly half of clients want more frequent communication from their advisors?

Stay connected with your clients through Nitrogen’s personalized Check-Ins, an automated behavioral coaching tool that collects data points on how your clients are feeling about the markets and their financial future. Nitrogen Check-Ins send you early warning signals when your clients need extra attention.

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By answering just two simple questions, both you and your clients can see adaptive analytics about their current state of mind. From there, you can use Nitrogen’s provided templates and tools to send personalized messages, demonstrating your commitment to your clients and helping to keep your practice top-of-mind.

Stress Tests

We know that past performance can’t indicate future results – but that doesn’t stop clients from wondering if their portfolio is “normal,” or what will happen if the markets suddenly shift direction. When clients ask what would happen if the 2008 financial crisis made a repeat appearance in 2024, they’re looking to you for reassurance. 

With Stress Tests, you can run individual portfolios through historical events to illustrate those hypotheticals in a way clients understand. By proactively addressing concerns, you also empower clients to make informed decisions while managing their expectations.


Gain deeper insights into your clients’ financial well-being with Scenarios, allowing you to create customized scenarios based on individual client goals and risk tolerance. 

If Stress Tests answer the question of “what would happen,” Scenarios illustrate “why.” With Scenarios, you can combine up to five key factors (proposals, indexes, blended benchmarks, individual stocks, and funds) to visualize risk and reward for your clients.

By visualizing how different financial decisions might impact future outcomes, you can engage clients in a more meaningful and impactful way.

Unlock Sustainable Growth with Client Engagement

The Nitrogen Platform is designed to streamline your workflows, empower your growth strategy, and increase client satisfaction. From custom proposal tools and portfolio reporting functionalities to marketing automation and compliance support, Nitrogen equips you with everything you need to build a thriving practice and deliver exceptional client experiences.

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And with our proprietary Risk Number® and Lead Generation Questionnaire, you can consistently capture attention and gain actionable insights to boost client engagement and retention. Free up valuable time, strengthen client relationships, and achieve sustainable growth with Nitrogen’s suite of engagement tools, including Check-ins, Stress Tests, and Scenarios.

Ready to unlock the power of client engagement and transform your practice? Schedule a free demo of Nitrogen today and experience the difference for yourself.

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