Securities Builder

Securities Builder

Effortlessly create and manage custom securities at scale for your entire firm. Upload monthly performance data and get your custom securities into the hands of your advisors immediately.

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Upload your monthly historical performance…

Though Nitrogen is the industry leader in securities coverage with a 97% recognition rate, there are a handful of reasons why a firm may want to manage custom securities on their own. Simply upload your monthly historical performance data, and we’ll do the math. This allows your advisors to confidently propose custom securities tailored exactly to your specifications.

…And manage your custom models and securities.

If you want your model’s analytics to reflect the changes you’ve made over time rather than the risk of its current holdings, now you can do that with a custom SMA. Once your performance data is uploaded, you can track all your custom investments and keep everything up to date. It’s the ultimate way to get just the right security into the hands of all your advisors.

Every tool at your disposal.

It’s never been easier to set expectations with clients, prove your fiduciary care, and grow your business.